• Competence companies on analog, digital and mixed mode chip design with production organization capabilities.

  • Machine Vision technology as core technology in industrial applications in the field of foodtech, cleantech, metrology and robotics.

  • A broad scope of electronic devices and systems in sensor electronics, power conversion, data transmission and control systems.

  • Medical aid, point-of-care, drug delivery, drug discovery and diagnostics technologies of unprecedented value in life sciences in terms of cost, throughput, automation and sensitivity.

  • Equipment technologies for the fabrication, process control or inspection of (un) patterned wafers with standard CMOS integrated circuits aiming for unparalleled device performance or yield.

  • Novel tools, materials, systems and device structures for power generation (photovoltaic, thermo-voltaic, chemical, biochemical,...) energy scavenging and power control with emphasis on power density, efficiency and low cost.

  • Novel tools, materials, systems and device structures in the field of new materials with emphasis on efficiency and low cost.

  • New chip designs, modules, devices, concepts and applications in the field of wireless technology and wireless meshed sensor networks.

Allegro Investment Fund disposes of a broad range of technology experts in those different fields, as well in house as in its large industrial and university network.

"Allegro has built up a unique diversified private equity portfolio of high-tech spin-off companies in one of the most creative regions in Europe, offering an exceptional value growth potential to its shareholders."


dr.ir. Alex Van den Bossche, president of the board of Allegro Investment Fund.

Allegro Investment Fund

Allegro Investment Fund (AIF) is a Leuven-based investment group that provides funding to early stage high-tech companies primarily in Flanders. We are looking for innovative, technology-driven spin-off companies addressing a significant world-wide market opportunity managed by skilled and highly motivated teams.

The shareholders of Allegro Investment Fund are Captains of Industry and come from a variety of backgrounds and entrepreneurial professions. This includes the technology, engineering, financial and service communities.

Allegro Investment Fund started august 2005 and has increased its capital gradually from 4,650MEuro to 14MEuro in the past 4 years.

In a typical situation, Allegro Investment Fund invests between €100K and €1000K. We work with the company to help it proceed to the next stage. Allegro Investment Fund management's experience supports the business growth by helping recruit new members of the management team, develop strategic partnerships, refine product and company strategy, and raise further bank, subsidy or venture funding.


There is no substitution for experience. Allegro Investment Fund brings sector knowledge and contacts to young growing companies.


lic. jur. & ec. Geert Everaert, managing director.

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