About Us

Investment Strategy

Allegro Investment Fund will invest in companies that are:
Innovative, Technology-Driven and in Spin-off Stage, have a strong and committed team, address a significant world-wide Market Opportunity and where we can make a difference.

Innovative: We seek companies that offer something new. Although "newness" comes in many forms, we look for companies that have it in one way or another. At a minimum we want a new twist on an existing idea. At times we may find a dramatic re-conception of an existing product, service or business structure, or a revolutionary new idea.

Technology-Driven: We are looking for companies where the use of technology is fundamental to the business mission, either because the company sells technology products and services or because it uses technology as a fundamental enabler of its business.

Early Stage Companies: We seek companies that are young. We will consider very early stage companies.

Significant Worldwide Market Opportunity: We are interested in products or services that address the needs of large markets. For AIF to achieve a high return on its investment, a company must sell to potential markets of 100M+ Euro. We expect our portfolio companies to become market leaders within five to seven years.

We Make a Difference: We want our money and expertise to make a difference to companies. We look for situations where strategic use of € 100K - € 1000K and sound business advice will let the company reach important milestones, such as completing its team and entering important markets. We will coach the starters and prevent them from pitfalls.