ICsense is a design house with core competence in analogue, mixed-signal and high voltage IC design services and ASIC turnkey solutions.
"The flexible attitude of the ICsense design team combined with their advanced analog IC design expertise, specifically for high voltages, significantly impacted the feasibility and the successful integration of our Cochlear implant IC. They not only designed state-of-the-art circuits, but pro-actively sought ways to achieve an optimal system solution. Our cooperation has led to a highly-advanced, innovative IC implementation from which hearing impaired people all over the world will benefit." Tony Nygard, Manager Enabling Technologies at Cochlear
EconCore is the developer of a new technology for the automated continuous production of honeycomb sandwich panels.
Formac Pharmaceuticals is a R&D company engaged in drug delivery and development systems that increase pharmaceutical R&D productivity by enhancing the performance of pre clinical drug candidates.
Visys markets a number of automated visual inspection solutions, based on laser technology.
GreenPeak is a fab-less semiconductor, module and software company, offering green ultra low power wireless communication technology for sense and control applications.
"GreenPeak's technology offers the best solution for our needs. We also selected GreenPeak as our strategic partner because we believe in the organization and we trust in their experience, the expertise of their team and their technical leading edge", says Pierre Francou, General Manager of Honeywell - North American Gas Detector division.
Leuven Air Bearings develops and produces linear and rotational air bearings, for high speed and high precision applications.
EqcoLogic is a fab-less semiconductor company, specializing in high speed, low power analogue and mixed-signal IC’s for digital signal equalisation.
Rmoni has developed customised wireless monitoring systems that enable customers to monitor crucial parameters in their processes and helps them to comply with sector-related legislation in an easy and cost-effective manner.
”The RMONI solution is the first system of its kind that truly allows our store managers to comply with food legislation in a user-friendly, cost-efficient and time-saving way,“ says Manu Suffeleers, Commercial Director at SPAR.
Excico provides a laser melt annealing tool for semi conductor dopant activation, film re-crystallisation, annealing and sintering.
Triphase provides solutions for the fast realisation of complex, high-performance, industrial power electronics applications for motor drives, power grid control, induction heating lighting and many more.
Pharma Diagnostics aims to accelerate the drug discovery process by developing sound and reliable analytical techniques, of which the results correlate with the ADME characteristics of new chemical entities.
@mire offers services, related to digital repositories and the challenges that accompany operating them : repository introduction, customisation, maintenance and support .
Knowliah is a leading supplier of solutions for managing unstructured information. The main focus has always been to deliver JERI (Just Enough Relevant/Reliable Information, when and where needed) to the knowledge worker within the domains of digital archiving, document management and enterprise search. Knowliah extracts automatically meaningful information out of text and generates automatically useful metadata and meaning with its auto-classification and text-analysis algorithms.
Zenso provides a complete range of consultancy and engineering services for developing innovative electronic design for key industrial customers.
Vision++ offers services in computer vision : quality control, bin-picking, bar-code reading….
MagCam develops and commercializes magnetic field cameras.
MinDCet is an ISO9001:2008 certified fabless mixed-signal electronic design company, with a focus on integrated and discrete Power Management – empowering your products with cutting-edge technology to be efficient and competitive.